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LA FOCE: A Tuscan Shangri-la.

     In my first book, My Renaissance:  A Widow’s Healing Pilgrimage to Tuscany, I discuss how after my husband’s death in the mid 1990s, I decided to go back to school to study art history, a part of my education … Continue reading

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“The present glory of Florence is its past.” –A common expression in Florence       After spending an enriching interlude in central and southern Tuscany (mainly Capalbio and La Foce), I returned to Florence to savor its past and present glories … Continue reading

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Capalbio: A Village in Tuscany

     Recently my niece Cara, who lives in Rome, invited me to visit her and her family in the Comune di Capalbio, a Tuscan township, dating back to A.D. 805, about an hour north of the Eternal City.  It’s in … Continue reading

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